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Bookmytest.in is a healthcare platform managed by Anand Healthcare in association with Thyrocare technologies Ltd.

Anand healthcare is known to provide excellent healthcare services all over India at extremely competitive prices since 2015. Our partners process samples at a state-of-art laboratory and testing facility which is extremely time efficient. The online reporting system have thus helped to reduce the use of printing papers hence, making it environmental friendly system. Anand Healthcare has worked hard with the partners during the pandemic waves to provide services to the customers even during the extreme lockdown phases. We at Anand healthcare believe the customer satisfaction and service, which stand as a first priority for us. Our efficient staff provide support and after sales service to the customer even after the official work hours. Bookmytest.in platform is one the most pocket friendly system were the needs of the customer are typically taken care of by providing the most competitive prices on all the preventive healthcare packages and combos. Our booking platform has continuously updated so as to meet the demand of the customers and the changing healthcare policies. Further, we also look forward to improve and improvise of systems and service so our customers can gain maximum benefits in there preventive healthcare regime. Team Anand Healthcare and partners are always actively and willingly ready to provide support to all the customers in compliance with the healthcare policies, rules and regulations.

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Anand Healthcare

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